AI Saturday (AI6) New York


This is for a NYC based AI Saturday.


What is the status of the New York Chapter?


Would like to know the same. There is a Slack account for AI saturdays, but not much seems to have been posted in the #nyc channel.

Who are the local ambassadors?


No Idea who the “Ambassadors are”. I’ve jumped on this channel early in January because I was interested in seeing if we could get something going in the NYC / NJ area.

@NidhinPattaniyil @MarianneHoogeveen are you interested in trying to help lead something. If so, let’s figure out an opportunity to have a conversation. See if we can open some space for a great AI community in the NYC area.


Hi all,

I’m the Americas region manager from the Core AI6 Team.

Indeed, the NYC ambassador hasn’t been responsive to the emails and we’ve been looking for someone else to step up and lead the community there.

If you guys feel up for it, I’d be more than happy to walk you guys through starting up an AI6 community in NYC. :slight_smile:


I would be open to helping.
I am not sure how effective I will be in procuring spaces to meet though


Me too. Happy to help.

I might be able to ask the bootcamp I attended (Insight Data Science) if we can use their space on Saturdays. No guarantees, since perhaps someone of their team might want to be present when there are other folks around.

Otherwise, if the group is not too big, we might simply meet in a WeWork, where I’ll just pick a suitable meeting room.

I take it everyone’s on Slack?



I would be interested in a conversation to understand what is going on and how I might help. I can setup a or google hang out. What day and time work for folks. If we can come up with some generalities as to when to meet I can quickly setup a doodle poll, to get down to specifics.

As an independent contractor working on several projects my schedule is rather all over everywhere. Tomorrow afternoon might work. Tuesday afternoon or evening might work?


I am usually available after 6:30pm on weekdays.


@NidhinPattaniyil Let’s see if anyone else replies?


What time would work best for you to help us set a community in NY.

Do you have any time preference?


best times would be your night or mornings since I’m located in Kuala Lumpur (about 13 hours ahead of you guys)

@NidhinPattaniyil @ThomasBrown @MarianneHoogeveen How about 9.30 pm Tuesday? I’ll get up a Google form in abit so that I can collect all your emails and it’ll be easier to communicate.


9.30 pm EST Tuesday works for me


Works for me as well


Hi! How did the discussion go? I’m interested in joining / helping to kick this off too in NYC, and we can likely use my company’s office space (in midtown)


When we last talked, we were concerned we couldn’t find a space to meet and some of us were short on time.
My schedule is much freer now and would love to help get this started.


Sounds good! I’m a little short on time as well until end of March, but should be freer from early April. Maybe we can set aside some time for the next discussion in early April? As I said, space shouldn’t be an issue.


Hi @stania
I noticed in the forums (Link), they are starting a study group for part 2.

Part 2 starts March 19 and ends at April.

So maybe we could combine efforts with them?


I like the idea, but the link doesn’t work for me…


Hey guys! So I spoke with James about getting things started here for us. I have a few venues in mind that can be used depending on everyone else’s thoughts and how soon you are all ready to start. Are any of you in the Slack group? It’ll probably be quicker to chat through next steps there.