AI Saturdays (AI6) Dallas


Sooo… what’s the status on the next AI Saturdays meetup in Dallas?


Hi there! So the Dallas chapter has been having some trouble securing a venue - and the original ambassador is moving out to Phoenix. So there’s been a bit of organizational shuffling going on right now.

if you’re interested, they certainly could use an extra pair of hands!


Yes. It has been difficult to secure a venue. I’m trying to secure one in and around Dallas/Plano/Frisco. I’m in talks with a startup in Frisco. Hopefully it materializes soon.


Hi all!

After a long wait, I’m pleased to announce the kick off of Dallas chapter from 4/21/2018.

Venue details:
Texas A & M Commerce Mtro Plex,
University in Mesquite, Texas
Address: 2600 Motley Dr, Mesquite, TX 75150

11 AM onwards