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List of all City Chapter Threads

Hey, ahh the slack invite link i got in my mail didn’
t work


Hello all,
Please are we meeting tomorrow?
And where are we meeting?



Am new here please can someone put me through things that have been taught and also am a beginner… Totally :see_no_evil:


Hey! So sorry I missed your message here. Hope you were able to make it to the Venue. We meet every Saturdays at Univelcity, 42 Montgomery Rd Sabo Yaba.


Hi Rotimi,

First step is to go through the Week 0 (preparatory) materials on python and linear algebra.

A good place to start on python is -

Also Linear Algebra -


Hi, sorry about this.

You can use this link



Invite to join slack - join slack

Chanel to look for - #lagos



  • Linear Algebra here
  • Introduction to python - here


Hi everyone.
Thanks on the tip @tejumadeafonja
Do I need a pass for the meet today? Still oblivious about routine


Hey Manie, no you don’t need a pass to Join us.

Just come prepared. A good way to be prepared is to go through the previous week’s materials. If you have further questions, you can drop it here.


Oh. Great.

I take it that remains the address? Good morning.


Recap of each week can be found on Medium :slightly_smiling_face:

  1. Week 1

  2. Week 2

  1. Week 3


Hello guy. So i tried out image classification of Naira notes using library. @channel The final results after improving on the model look nice. But i am getting strange plots for the learning rate. Any idea on the cause??


Nice Job Kenechi. Glad you tried implementing the fastai framework. :tada: