AI Saturdays(AI6) Pune


All useful information, administrative issues, resources etc will be posted here for Pune chapter.



May I know who is in charge for Pune chapter? I had registered for the Pune chapter last week on 3rd January giving email details. I received the mail for the session of 6th January quite late, yesterday on 8th Jan. Can you please ensure that we get the mail on the venue a day in advance by Friday?

I have now a Nurture.Ai account, can you please let me know how I can access the course contents of 6th Jan on the Nurture.Ai site?

P M Kulkarni


Do we have session this week ?



Pune chapter has not yet started, or at least I am not receiving any notifications. Can someone please let us know the status about Pune chapter? Do we have the sessions and venue for 3rd February, this Saturday? If there is no venue planned, is there any mechanism by which we can still have the session through online video-conferencing tools like Zoom? Please reply to the mail.

P M Kulkarni


I don’t think the Pune Chapter has started. Can we take initiative and host the first meetup for AI6. I live near Magarpatta and can host for 6-8 people
While I have been working on ML for last year or so, I am now moving towards deep learning. Please let me know you are interested

Amit Godbole


hi Tomin,

Can you share details of chapter or when does the chapter meet



I can provide the venue in Pune. School Of Media Design, Viman nagar, Sakore Nagar.
We’ve hosted Mozilla WebVR workshops in the past and would be happy to host AI Saturdays to foster a community .

Feel free to get in touch with me my first name at my school name.