[AI6 KL] Mid-term Project


As discussed in the previous AI6 meetup, we will be having a project from the 10th of Feb to the Midnight UTC 23rd of Feb (8AM 23rd Feb KL time).


The instructions for the project is simple - find a project that uses deep learning/machine learning that you find interesting, form a group of at 3 or 4 people and get to work on it. We will have a presentation session on the 24th of Feb for everyone to show off what they’ve achieved in the 2 weeks.

The only condition we impose is that you have to work on a project as a group of at least 3-4 people. So as to encourage collaboration, knowledge sharing and everything else that we envision AI6 to be for all of you.

To give you a rough idea of what you should be looking for as project topics:

  1. Implementing a research paper. I’ll put up a few suggestions (scroll to the end of the doc for the papers we covered in AI6 KL #5) here leading up to the 10th.
  2. Cool or fun machine learning projects, ie from the http://deeplearninggallery.com/

We will limit the technologies you can use to what you have learnt so far (PyTorch and fastai libraries) to implement these projects so that it would be easier for us ambassadors to review them. However, you can definitely reimplement your project with other frameworks (ie keras, tensorflow, numpy) if you want to practice for yourself.

Project Proposal Submission

Fill up this form to submit a proposal for your project.

You will need:

  • A group of at least 3 people
  • a group name & group leader
  • a project title

Make sure to have your proposals in by the 18 Feb!

Do note that each group only needs to make 1 submission. Any duplicate submissions will be ignored.

Submitting your Project

Use this form to submit your project.

When you submit, make sure to have:

  • the same group name
  • a link to your repository where your code can is
  • make sure you include a readme in your repository with basic setup and running information, as well as what is needed to run the project
  • a presentation file for your work

Submissions end on 7th March Midnight UTC. you can still submit a project after that, but we won’t be looking at it until the end of AI6. Do note that each group only needs to make 1 submission. Any duplicate submissions will be ignored.

Note: Successfully implementing a project will count towards the requirements for getting a certificate for AI6, so make sure to bring your A-game forward.

Note2: this project is for the KL chapter only, if you are from another chapter and you wish to join in, kindly contact any one of the KL ambassadors (ie @jameslee, @RouEnLee) for more information.

UPDATE: The presentations will be happening on our 17th March Meetup in KL. Do send have your presentation slides ready by then!


What?!! Mid term paper?!!
Nobody said anything about…


In this case, like to propose a project:
Project Code Name: Data
Project Description: Creating a neural network for a Noonian Soong type android,. refer ST:TNG*
*Star Trek: The Next Generation

PS. Googled it and found working on this yet.
Group members?


May I know when is the due date to submit the proposal?


22 February which is a Thursday.

Althought James did not mention what is the mode of submission.
Guess we will email to James.


I meant proposal, isn’t we need to submit a proposal before project submission?


The proposal form has to be submitted by the end of this week (18 Feb 2018).

My bad I realised I failed to communicate this.

The mode of submission is through the 2 form links in the post above - 1 for your project proposal and another for the submission. For your completed project, we’ll need a presentation file as well as the link to your github repository by the 23rd Feb.


Completed assignment, posted on github.com and submiited.