Assignment 1: Linear Algebra


Discussion points

  • Practise your linear algebra skills by clicking on the ‘practice tab’ in Khan Academy, or click here. If you have a question, click ‘reply’ to create a discussion thread.

  • How is linear algebra important in Machine Learning? (Read this article for pointers) Let us know what you opinions by replying to this topic.


First of all thanks for the road-map. Actually I think the exercises of Khan Academy are not enough for mastering the Linear Algebra course. So it is better for students to find new problems for practice here and there over the internet.


Thanks! Yes I agree, Khan academy is not enough. Do you have any more learning resources to recommend? Mastering linear algebra is very important to understanding Machine Learning, I am sure the community will appreciate it if you could point to us some resources that you think is useful, or have helped you personally. :slight_smile: