Can anyone create a thread for entire session resources


Hello, I am from Dhaka, Bangladesh. But my country didn’t host the seminar I guess. But I want to go through the entire session with others people. So can anyone create or share a thread for resources(Like video, article, slides, code_example etc. whatever things shared on the seminar).


Check out the Google Drive folder for weekly resources for the KL chapter. Link:


Thnx a lot… Highly appreciate that. btw is their any homework or assignment you can share ?


Nope, we don’t have any homework assignments yet, I lot of our members are beginners in Python so most of the focus is towards teaching them some basic Python first.

If you want to, you can do the homework for the materials in session 3. Look up each of the titles and search for the website. The materials for session 3 are all Stanford CS classes and they come with some assignments you can do.