Cleveland Artificial Intelligence Group & AI6 Deep Learning Study Group


Cleveland Artificial Intelligence Group & AI6 Deep Learning Study Group

We will be working through the deep learning MOOC: Practical Deep Learning For Coders, Part 1, followed by Part 2.

The study group is free and open to all.

Lessons schedule:
Part 1:
Intro - Monday, 9/24, TechElevator, 6:30pm
Lesson 1 - Monday, 10/1, Crown Centre, 6:30pm
Lesson 2 - Monday, 10/8, TechElevator, 6:30pm
Lesson 3 - Monday, 10/15, TechElevator, 6:30pm
Lesson 4 - Monday, 10/22, TechElevator, 6:30pm
Lesson 5 - Monday, 10/29, Parma-Snow Library, 6:30pm
Lesson 6 - Monday, 11/5, TechElevator, 6:30pm
Lesson 7 - Monday, 11/12, Parma-Snow Library, 6:30pm

Part 2: TBD

We are using for signups, location info, etc. Please sign up with the below links. Intro session is optional but highly recommenced. Then the lesson 1 signup link is for the entire course. Although there are lessons 2-7 at meetup too, they are closed for RSVPs, they are only as a reminder for those that singed up for entire course via lesson 1 link (below).

Intro (optional but highly recommended):

Main course signup page:

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Hope to see you there,

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Michael Kudlaty
Jason Mancuso
Jacqueline S. Homan
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