Getting to know the Global AI6 Community


The global AI6 community is an important part of what AI6 is about. We want it to be a diverse and rich resource for everyone learning AI with us. Therefore, when coming onboard for the first time, we would like you to take some time to introduce yourself in the #introductions channel as well getting to know your local chapter’s channel on Slack.

Here’s the Slack invite link.

AI6 an Interactive Learning Experience

Establishing personal interaction with other members of the community will make your learning experience much more enjoyable and fruitful. As such, we encourage you to participate as much as you can on this forum as well as the Slack.

After each Saturday, there will usually be a flurry of discussions and questions on the materials that everyone has just learnt. Members of the forum collectively work towards solving tougher problems and breaking down hard-to-understand concepts. We encourage you to take part in these discussions in order to further solidify your understanding and knowledge.

Updating Your Profile

Optionally, please consider updating your profile, which can be accessed by clicking on the circle Profile on the top right of each page, next to the menu button. This makes it easier for you to connect with people on the forums.

Welcome to AI Saturdays!