How to Use the AI6 Forums


Liking Posts

When you enter any discussion thread, you can find a grey :heart: button under each post. We encourage you to click on the :heart: for posts you find interesting or helpful. This ensures that quality posts will be seen by others and therfore multiplying the benefits it can give to others. Liking important questions will also increase the likelihood that important questions get noticed and answered by those who can.

Flag Abusive Posts

The AI6 Forum’s Code of Conduct prohibits:

  • Bullying, threatening or other forms of harassment towards other users
  • Posting content of promotional or spam nature
  • Posting mature content

Please report any posts that are abusive, offensive, or that otherwise violate the Code of Conduct by using the :black_flag: Flagging option found under each post. Additionally, you can contact the AI6 support team through [email protected].

Watching Threads

If you find a particular thread interesting, look for the button that initially says “Normal” at the bottom of each thread. Clicking on it will let you change your notification level of a thread. When you watch a thread, you will receive notifications anytime a new post is made in the thread.

Becoming a Super-Poster

The AI6 forums are your opportunity to interact and have discussions with thousands of like-minded individuals across the globe. Participating in thread discussions is definitely one way to improve your learning experience.

For any social interaction, certain rules of etiquette are expected to be abided by. This contributes to an enjoyable and productive communication medium for all. Below are some guidelines for interacting with others via the forums:

  • Keep to the topics of the threads and forums. Off-topic posts not only make it harder for others to find important information that they need but also crowd the existing forum with irrelevant things. Be sure to post on the most appropriate topic, and do not post in multiple threads.
  • If you cannot find a suitable thread, start a new one under the appropriate topic.
  • Make use the filters at the top of the forums (Latest, New, and Unread) to find interesting content.
  • Heart/like posts that are helpful and interesting so others will take notice of them easier.
  • Assume that there will non-native English speakers in the forums. Hence, be sure to structure your posts in an easy-to-understand way. This is particularly helpful for complex discussions too.
  • Be polite, civil and diplomatic. If you disagree with someone, explain your position with respect and refrain from any and all personal attacks.
  • When asking questions, do your best to provide as much information and context as possible. People will often find it hard to imagine what your error/problem might be as they aren’t physically experiencing it too. It will also be helpful to note down your thought process, what you’ve tried and has/hasn’t worked etc.
  • To extend discussions, you can conclude posts by prompting others to contribute to the thread. For example, you could say “I would love to understand what others think.”
  • Do not use a forum to promote your product, service, or business.
  • Do not reveal personal information about others in the forum.
  • Report spammers.

For more details, refer to the AI6 Forums Code of Conduct.

Have Fun!

In the end, the AI6 forums are meant to be community driven and interactive. We encourage all of you to be active, participate in discussions, contribute and give value and make as many friends as you can! :party_parrot:

Welcome to AI Saturdays!