Introduce Yourself


Hi everyone. Thought I’d take the initiative to create an introduce yourself topic here. I’m James. Most of you might have known me from cycle 1, where I had a direct role as part of the main organizing team as well as the ambassador of the KL chapter.

Cycle 2 will be mainly handled by @LRowen instead but I’ll still be around to help out. For those of you who haven’t met me yet, I work as an AI Research Fellow for I’m excited to meet all of you!


Hi everyone, I am Rowen, also a research fellow on I like maths, rock climbing, writing and speaking in Python. Lately I have been reading this interactive and awesome deep learning book. Let me know if you are interested to go through the maths with me, or if you are interested in creating a NN to classify people according to MBTI.


Hey Everyone,
I’m Jay, Will be starting my Graduate Studies at Illinois Tech, Chicago this fall. I completed my undergrad studies in Computer Engineering from Lonavla, India. Also, I was part of the AI Saturday Cycle 1 for Lonavala Chapter. It was great experience in Cycle 1. Looking forward to Cycle 2.


Hi everyone, I am Kai and I work in tech consulting, though I am not so much of a techie. I have been reading more on use cases for artificial intelligence and joining this AI6 community and interacting with all of you would be a great way to get started on the introductory technical details of AI.


Hi everyone,

I’m a student doing some research in regards with the application of AI/ML tools on utility data. I will post a topic regarding the research in the general forum, hope to have some people join.


Hello humans, I’m Peter, located in Ottawa, Canada. I’m a python and Unix hacker who also does some R, Haskell, Awk, etc. Currently using PyTorch on Linux using an NVIDIA 1080 GPU. I can code, but need to improve in math. I look forward to learning together :slight_smile:


Great to have you back! I remember seeing your name around in Cycle 1 :slight_smile:


Hi everyone. I am Ankana from Bangalore. I had initially joined to start learning during the first cycle but due to college commitments I couldn’t participate and am now looking forward to learning in cycle 2. I joined a course last year to start my Analytics journey and move from my current line of work in Sales and Consulting. I have basic hands on experience in R and Python. I am a novice to Analytics world


Super cool, i would take a look


Hi everyone i’m Jennifer, loves maths and AI. i’m a real life super hero :grinning: Batman says Hi too



I attended introductory meetup class last Sat here in Bangalore. I learnt that it is a study group
about ML, DL and AI.
Investing and trading with stocks is my motivation to learn AI, so that I could get better returns. Maybe do consulting on AI at a latter phase.
Analyticsvidya and Kaggle gives wonderful insights into AI.

I hope to contribute to the community back after I go thru this cycle 2 (winter).

Ravi Kumar BN