Lesson 5 AI-KL Summary and Post Questions


Note: This post is now a wiki, so feel free to add in anything including answering the questions.

You can access the materials used in the session here (go to week 5 folder > Week 5 Plan).

Post Questions:
What is the use of back propagation?
To find the gradient of the cost function with respect to each weight. Read more here.

What is the ADAM optimiser, and is it the best optimisation algorithm?
Performs parameter update by assigning a different learning rate to each weight and exponentially decreases average of previous gradients. Read more here.

How do I implement research papers?

Is James going to give us any pow for CNY?
No, he’s not married yet.

I am unable to connect to jupyter notebook/ get my GPU running.
If you have been trying for the 100th time and it still doesn’t work, take some inspiration from the concept of SGD with restarts- delete your VM instance and restart the entire process.

If it still does not work, try using Google Colab.