List of all City Chapter Threads


Here’s the list of all the chapters throughout the world. I’ve made this post into a wiki so if I missed out on anything, feel free to add it in! Let’s keep this as updated as possible. :party_parrot:



you can edit the main post, it’s a wiki xD


Lol. Thanks I will do that.


Okay, this is embarrassing. I can’t find link to the wiki :confused:


Just click on the edit button on the big post. But it’s okay, I’ll add yours for you. :slight_smile:


Hi jameslee,

I think you're the only one authorized to edit your post, please add my chapter.

It is Kano, Nigeria.


Donezos! :slight_smile:


Hello James :slight_smile:
Please I’ll need you to help correct my editing. I added my chapter;
Abeokuta, Nigeria.

Thank you