Questions regarding AI6 Singapore Challenge


Many of us are excited with the AI6 Singapore Challenge. In the launch announcement, we have received some details about the Challenge in this Google Drive link (PDF file).

We are planning to sign-up for the AI6 Challenge! However, the information provided in the PDF file:

  • Is a little too general/high level.
  • Had the logistics and submission process and follow-up.
  • Does not have details of the actual challenge itself. Is it intended to be that way?

Furthermore, could we get more information and examples on the judging criteria?

May be we can get some inspiration/idea if there’s some example of problem statements stated somewhere in there?

It would be nice if anyone from the organizing team can get back to us on the above soon. Thanks.


Hey Cedric,

Glad to see that you are so excited about the AI6 Challenge!

We actually decided to keep the Challenge open to any AI project ideas participants might have – think of this as a potential Capstone project in your participation in AI6. So feel free to use whatever datasets you want, and work on any problem you think is worth solving!

We are in the process of collecting problem statements from organisations – the timeframe between when this opportunity came up, and the time we announced it was very short, so we apologise for not having that beforehand. We wanted to announce it first since we not that It’s only slightly over a month to the deadline.

Will send out a revised document with more details about judging criteria soon.

Feel free to email me at [email protected] if you have any more questions or ideas!

Jia Qing