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About the AI6 Cycle 2: Intermediate Track category
This category is where AI6 intermediate participants (or anyone) can post questions or form discussion threads on the CS231n, CS224n, UCL RL and Berkeley CS294. For a detailed, week-by-week lesson plan, see here.

Objective of Intermediate Track
To provide resources, guidance and motivation for learners to implement state-of-the-art AI models as described in research papers.

Our methods and learning philosophy
Our forums and assignments are designed to encourage the following:

  • Social and collaborative learning: Learning with, and from each other. This can be done by teaching a local AI community, asking and answering questions on the forum.

  • Reflective learning: Consciously think about your learning experience by writing summaries and notes of what you have learnt. This enables you to continuous improve and develop thinking skills.

  • Learning Proactively: Taking responsibility of your own learning process and not being afraid to apply knowledge. This includes coding up an AI project and proactively looking for resources to enhance your understanding.

How to contribute to this forum

  • Share your solutions to the assignments by replying to the relevant thread
  • You are also welcome to share your learning resources, ask and answer questions.
  • Each lecture/ lesson of the courses has its own “wiki-fied” thread. Only create new threads if your material does not fit in any of the threads.

AI Saturdays Cycle 2: Use of forums