Welcome to AI Saturdays!


AI Saturdays, affectionately known as AI6, is an ever-growing global community of AI researchers, data scientists, engineers and self-learners. Our 5000 strong community includes people of all skill levels across multiple cities. So don’t be afraid to participate even if you’re new to programming or Artificial Intelligence. Our mission, after all, is to empower anyone to be kickass in AI. :party_parrot:

Our Mission

To empower anyone and everyone to become kickass at AI.

Our Mission in More Words

With so many research breakthroughs happening in AI research right now - we want to teach and encourage everyone to be able to come up with cutting edge AI implementations that impact people’s lives.

AI6 achieves this by organizing structured study sessions throughout the globe. The real value of what we do comes in having a massive community of people, learning the same materials at the same pace. Where one city might face problems overcoming an obstacle, we will look to solve it together online with the other cities. Doing this, we hope to give value to not just the participants of AI6, but to the rest of the world as well.

Making an Impact

AI Saturdays (AI6) came about to make the rigour of AI education at top universities like Stanford, UC Berkeley and UCL accessible to anyone. Use these forums to get all your questions answered about the recorded video lectures and reading materials in courses like CS231n Convolutional Neural Networks for Visual Recognition, CS224n Natural Language Processing with Deep Learning, STAT385 Theories of Deep Learning and CS294 Deep Reinforcement Learning.

You can find the categories for the respective questions. Feel free to ask as many questions there. Questions not related to the lectures are welcome as well.

You’re also welcome to join our Tutorial Sunday discussions on slack every Sunday. (Where we discuss topics that the courses don’t cover and the community needs a detailed discussion on), the discussions will be later ported to a thread on the forums. (Slack is better for live discussions whereas the forums are better for a later, structured discussion in case anyone feels the need to do so)

Philosophy and Community Rules

  1. The course materials we choose are widely known to be clear in explanations, and the presenters are leading expert authorities in the field, so we watch the original lectures directly instead of recreating our own in the meetup sessions
  2. The value of coming together as a study group lies in clarifying doubts, deeper discussions into the material, and accountability on course completion – we are clear about that in the way we structure the activities that happen in the study group.This is a judgment-free, safe zone, and people who have promised to prepare are expected to do so in order to ensure the session is fruitful for everyone.
  3. We constantly co-create and iterate on improving the learning experience together! Because all these sessions are free, we rely heavily on the community’s participation and support to make this work.

Communication Mediums

We utilize a number of modes of communication for AI6, make sure to check out those relevant to you.

  1. Slack is our most immediate form of communication between the participants and the organizational team. Join the AI6 Slack here.
  2. Follow our Medium Publications where participants share their experiences throughout AI6.
  3. Each chapter AI6 chapter manages their sessions through different means. Be sure to check out your local chapter’s thread in the City Chapters and Administrative Matters topic. If you can’t find one that is near you, we encourage you to step up and start one where you are! Details nurture.ai/ai-saturdays.

Getting Started FAQ

What do I do next?
Connect with the entire AI Saturdays community by joining the slack channel here.

How do I find my chapter/local ambassador?
Connect with them by finding your city’s channel on Slack.

My local chapter has no ambassador.
Learn and develop new skills by stepping up to be ambassador. You can find a few friends to join you. Let the fun begin.

What platforms do the AI Saturdays community use?
1 - Slack, where we share non-technical stuff (announcements and random chit chat).
2 - AI6 Forums, which is where you are now. Here we share discussions and questions on AI related content.

I just joined and am behind the lessons. Help!
Keep calm and catch up. Start by setting up your Google Cloud GPU using this guide. Ask your local chapter for previous lesson materials. You won’t be a rookie forever if you try.

I am still lost and need help from AI Saturdays core team.
Email us at: [email protected]

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