Who are the Ambassadors and Mentors?


AI6 Ambassadors and Mentors are the true heroes of AI6, many of them are new to Artificial Intelligence like you are. Instead, they dedicate their time throughout the week to learn the materials in advance and facilitate AI6 in your city. Without them, AI6 would never have been a possibility


Ambassadors deal with the planning, preparation as well as logistics for every Saturday session, and by no means are they small feats. Ambassadors dedicate their time each week to prepare and organize successful AI Saturday sessions in their respective chapters to facilitate a conducive learning for all.

Ambassadors are recruited to encourage newer learners, answer questions, set an example by posting thoughtful and timely content.


Like the Ambassadors, Mentors also learn the weekly materials a week in advance. The difference is that Mentors are not involved with organizing and logistics AI6. Instead, Mentors dedicate their time diving deeper into the materials. Learning them in-depth to help answer the more technical questions where Ambassadors cannot.

As Artifical Intelligence is a fairly technical subject, Mentors are recruited to help guide the way to better understanding AI concepts.

As you use the discussion areas, please be aware that the ideas expressed by participants in this course, including the Ambassadors and Mentors, do not represent the views of AI Saturdays or Nurture.AI. The Ambassadors and Mentors are not employed by AI Saturdays or Nurture.AI and they have not been verified as experts on course content or course facilitation.

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